I thought the training was very thorough and well explained. Definitely very clear and I had no issues at all following along and working through myself at the same time. I think the only negative is my own company maybe selecting the wrong people to attend. It seemed like we have brought in more experienced people to develop their knowledge, I don't know about everyone else (there were people from other UK offices that I do not know) but I think generally people seemed already comfortable with a lot of what was covered. I think it would be perfect for someone wanting to learn it fresh, who maybe hadn't used the system already previously. The pacing was alright. It's always going to be a bit difficult to go through 6 hours of something when you're already fairly confident using the thing. There were definitely pieces that I wasn't aware of though. I can see spec notes being useful and I didn't know about that. – Do you have any other comments about today's session?

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