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The course was far too long for the content covered. The subject matter could have been covered in half the time. There was too much time spent covering items that were basic for regular computer users. We would suggest the creation of a 3hr course for people who use computers all the time, and a 6hr for people who barely use computers. For example the course content covered: - When explaining how to access formatting options, gave detailed description of bold, underlined, italic, bullet point list, numbered list - Explanation how to expand a column - Explanation how to open up another tab in browser - Explanation how to use hyperlinks - Explanation how to use CTRL C and CTRL V multiple times throughout training course sessions - Explanation of what it means if there is a tick, or a cross - Explanation how to access another sheet within excel - Explanation of how to add users to the system & give permissions works the same as all other internet portals. Too long. - Explanation of what ‘added’, ‘deleted’, ‘revised’, ‘unchanged’ mean within the spec were unnecessary. Some of the course content was too repetitive. For example the explanation of pressing save when clause is saved was covered multiple times. Copying & pasting clauses/products etc. was covered multiple times. How to use the step "breadcrumb" trail in NBS Chorus was covered multiple times. – Do you have any other comments about today's session?

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11 Aug 22