The course was comprehensive and appeared to cover all aspects of the NBS Create System. The session would have benefitted from a little more context at the beginning to ensure that all attendees were familiar with both NBS and the terminology that followed. It was a little disconcerting to hear reflections upon how successful NBS Building was and how NBS Chorus would be an improvement, when you are being trained upon neither of those platforms. Perhaps the trainer was a little too open here? Overall I thought the session was satisfactory. We were a tough crowd, a little quiet and we took some time to warm up. We may have unsettled our trainer as a result. Perhaps a more relaxed introduction, a discussion about their background, would have helped at this point to engage with the students? Lastly, I will always support someone who attempts to deploy humour within a professional environment, even if the audience isn't too receptive. Specification writing is fairly serious stuff but the session did illustrate that it's possible to get through it with a wry smile. – Do you have any other comments about today's session?

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